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Welcome to Canine Encounters Law Enforcement Training (CELET). CELET is the nation’s leading training organization for law enforcement officers when it comes to officer training in canine encounters. We have 2 fulltime Instructors and 45 Train-The-Trainer Instructors nationwide. We have trained over 22,595 law enforcement officers nationwide.
(Updated: 05/14/2015)

Since 2005, CELET has been training law enforcement officers throughout the United States through advocacy, education, and hands-on programs, we train hundreds of law enforcement officers each year.

We are the United States Law Enforcement community’s mainstream of training for law enforcement officers in dealing with their canine encounters.

We provide less-lethal options and specialized techniques to officers and teach officers about canine behavior and body language to help them when they’re on the streets working.

We also train law enforcement officers in various other training courses across the United States as well as our main training course of Defensive Tactics: Canine Encounters.
Unfortunately, law enforcement officers must sometimes make the ultimate sacrifice in the performance of their job. This section of the Web site is dedicated to honor law enforcement officers that have died in the line-of-duty due to animal related incidents.
Law Enforcement Line of Duty Deaths Related to Animal Incidents
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Training Since 2005
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