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Canine Encounters Law Enforcement Training (CELET) has a vital mission:  to train law enforcement officers nationwide in less-lethal approaches with their canine encounters. CELET was founded in 2005. Today, CELET serves as a model nationwide for our canine encounter law enforcement training excellence through partnerships.

As the primary provider of canine encounter training to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as a significant contributor to advanced training courses, CELET has trained thousands of law enforcement officers nationwide in our "Defensive Tactics: Canine Encounters" training program. We engage with a variety of stakeholders at all levels of government to develop effective training, exchange best practices, and ensure we remain on the cutting edge of training. 

We are proud of CELET's high quality curricula, which we develop and maintain according to law enforcement accreditation standards, collaborating with our law enforcement organizations and law enforcement experts nationwide, and engaging in ongoing research in law enforcement and training issues. Through these efforts, we have created a large inventory of internal expertise in both the training discipline itself and in numerous animal related subject areas. This enables us to advance national and Departmental initiatives and priorities and to sustain high customer satisfaction rates year after year. We strive to be the law enforcement trainer, partner, and investment of choice.

At CELET, we have a responsibility to provide the very best training possible to each law enforcement officer who enters our training classes. Everything we do aims to empower them to be more humane, protect those they serve and themselves, including both human and animals, and achieve the vision of being safe, secure, and resilient.

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