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Canine Encounters Law Enforcement Training (CELET) has a vital mission:  to train law enforcement officers nationwide in less-lethal approaches with their canine encounters. CELET was founded in 2005. Today, CELET serves as a model nationwide for our canine encounter law enforcement training excellence through partnerships.

CELET's training program of "Defensive Tactics: Canine Encounters" is one of the most credible, cost-effective program in the country today. The utilization of both active and retired law enforcement officers as trainers in our training program makes the CELET program unique, and our course fees are way below the national average.

CELET provides this training program nationwide and in Canada conducting over 100 courses each year to thousands of law enforcement officers. Go to our "In The News" page to see what officers and the news media are saying about our training program.

Any agency or department may host our training at their facility by either of the following methods:


The requesting agency co-host the training by providing the facilities for classroom and practical training. The co-host also provides marketing support in the form of emails, mailings and faxes as available. In return for this support, providing the class fills, CELET provides the co-host with a three-complimentary slots in the training. Any active law enforcement officer may register for the course. Pre-registration is required, and the course will be posted on the CELET website training schedule, and, if possible the Police Training website. CELET handles all registrations and collects all fees, charged on a per-student basis.


The requesting agency co-host the training by providing the facilities for classroom and practical training. The co-host agency agrees to pay the fee for the total cost of the course. The co-host is invoiced once the training date has been settled by CELET and the co-host, and the invoice must be paid within 30 days of the invoice. All slots will be filled by active law enforcement officers from the co-host agency or its assigns. Pre-registration is not required, however, the co-host is asked to submit a roster od students two weeks prior to the course date.


If you are authorized to contract for training on behalf of your agency, fax or email a request form to CELET offices.

And as always please feel free to contact us at 817-290-2121, or email us at training@canineencounters.com for more information or if you have any questions in regards to our training program.

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